Heart Diseases: Diet and Lifestyle

Heart Diseases: Diet and Lifestyle

The successful management of cardiovascular diseases remains elusive because they are products of conditions in other organs that work with the heart. This means that heart disorders result not from the heart itself but the poor condition of the blood vessels, kidney, nervous system which is majorly caused by lifestyle choices as discussed in week 4. Therefore, researchers may be looking for answers and cures in the wrong places far from the true remedies. Overall, the management and treatment of heart diseases rest on the factors and unfavorable circumstances that influence of the bad state of the nervous system, kidney, and liver among others that lead to heart diseases or disorders.

The remedy and humanity’s immediate hope lie in the management of lifestyle by adopting those lifestyle habits and exercise that will prevent the occurrence of a poor condition of things resulting in heart failures and disorders. Research has shown that a change in the lifestyle of patients with cardiovascular disorders led to the improvement of their health conditions (De Waure et al, 2013). As a result, a change in lifestyle habits can help to prevent and cure heart diseases. Other researches have linked the rise of cardiovascular diseases and other related heart conditions to the changes in lifestyle in the developing worlds (Stewart et al, 2017). Moreover, a change in lifestyle may cause heart diseases and the preventive measure may require us to revert to the previous healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a change in lifestyle will entail setting aside harmful practices like smoking, alcoholism among others and again adopting or embracing better ones like exercise, healthy diet among others.


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