Persuasive Letter

Persuasive Letter

Dear Editor,

I have learned a lot from “The 2018 Human Resources Trends to Keep on Your Radar” by Josh Millet published on October 26, 2017. With its publishing in Forbes Magazine, it delves more into what to expect in 2018 and greater focus seems to be on technology concerning the human resources industry. Clearly, technology has helped many firms in running their day-to-day activities, but no mention of how this same technology is not able to solve practical problems in the organization. The whole idea of introducing artificial intelligence into HR practices does not seem viable considering that the employees are not techies. Today, “gamification” is a concept that continues to gain traction because its elements are used to drive interest, engagement, and learning of all candidates (Millet, 2017). By incorporating this into the article, I realize that you are familiar with what it is going on around the business world.

However, I feel that you have left out very important aspects of gamification that could persuade firms on the importance of this trend in the coming years. Previous contributors to this idea have asserted that the gamification trend can is used in training people on social etiquette. For instance, Volkswagen also introduced this trend into their company and this helped them identify the needs of their customers. This was achieved was through inviting their consumers to design vehicles. I feel that such things would have made readers understand the concept well and keep them engaged because it will mean using badges, point system, and leaderboards among others.

Examples of gamification such as loyalty cards and loyalty programs given by supermarkets and hotels as a way of encouraging their consumers to spend are rewarding when deployed well. Nonetheless, the article is very educative and informative as it gives readers a picture of what to expect in 2018. Moreover, the ideas presented have shown the importance of technology in the HR industry and being updated on new inventions affecting businesses.


Jamie Nakano GB512X

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