Was Robert Eaton a Good Coach?

Was Robert Eaton a Good Coach?

Leadership and management are some of the toughest tasks that anyone can be given.  Striking a balance between the company’s goals and the relationship between the manager and the employees may result in some worst scenarios. Looking at the case of Robert Eaton, CEO, one is satisfied that he did a good management job. His perfect relationship with the employees, open mind and achievement of the company goals is a good testimony to this fact.

Robert Eaton scores considerably good marks in the following criteria

Besides receiving advice from the employees, Eaton would give the advice to support why his idea is appropriate as it inspires and creates confidence when challenged about his ideas. He is capable of providing guidance: after assessing the state of employees and ascertaining that there was no need of employing more, he determines that the appropriate way was to lead them in the direction that would enable them to achieve company goals. In adopting the report disregarded by Iacocca, he is providing guidance in the way the company should handle communication and flexibility.

Eaton is supportive as well. By encouraging open communication with the employees, requiring the participation of all and taking advice from the employees indicates that he is supportive and would want to see the company advance. With the emotional support, the employees are motivated resulting in enhanced commitment and performance.

His open communication creates enthusiasm and confidence among employees as testified by some of his employees. One does not get scared to approach him and share or challenge his views. Encouraging the employees to get out of the box and give a 50% extra in a way promotes greater competence.

Key Behaviors

Robert Eaton has a profound ability toformulate plans which he shared with his top four executive officers. This has transformed the company’s revenue to £136.4 billion. Moreover, he has embraced good communication strategies. He communicates effectively with his juniors and the top four executives and is also open to employee’s advice. He listens to everyone he is working with and encourage intra-employee communication. We learn that he held regular executive meetings.

Eaton has a good employee motivation strategy; he requires every employee to participate in the building of new vehicle which also helps in solving company problems. The operational tactic enabled him to solve some of the company problems. Together with this, his encouragement of employee to be leaders on their own has also helped to develop the employees. The executive meetings held on the regular basis have been used successfully by Eaton to enhance feedback. By exchanging information from every department in such meetings, he is able, as a coach, to document the company’s progress and feedback.

Overall, Eaton’s career is an example of successful coaching. As a leader, he is in complete charge of the company and allows every person to participate in decision making and implementation.